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Lux ArcadiaEdit

Lux and yoruka

Lux and Yoruka.

The (former) 7th Prince of the fallen Arcadia Empire. In their initial encounter, Yoruka once invited Lux to topple down New Kingdom although the latter refused, since her "contract" with the former empire was no longer valid since its fall. During Empire Recapture Plan, Yoruka fought against Lux where she initially overpowered Lux as most of her moves pars with even Lux's Bahamut's form, though the latter was defeated by Lux and she also abandoned the Empire Recapture Plan as she learns that Lux's destruction of his former empire was to build his ideal of peaceful kingdom. Since then, Yoruka became Lux and his friends' allies by reinstating her position as Lux's bodyguard while having a developing feeling towards Lux. According to Yoruka herself, Lux's overall appearance reminded her of her late little brother.

Royal Knights AcademyEdit

Heiburg RepublicEdit

Hayes Vi ArcadiaEdit


Yoroka alongside with Hayes and Saniya.

The strategist of Heiburg Republic who freed her from her imprisonment and have Yoruka joined her Empire Recapture Plan in order to revive the Old Empire. Unlike Yoruka however, Hayes's motivation of destroying the New Kingdom was due to her antagonistic grudge against Lux. After her defeat by Lux, Yoruka betrayed Hayes by stopping Gigas from destroying the New Kingdom, leading the failure of Empire Recapture Plan.

Saniya LemisteEdit

The (former) student from the Royal Knights Academy and one of Heiburg Republic's spies.


Yoruka's FatherEdit

Yoruka's BrotherEdit

The younger brother of Yoruka who-unlike other people in her former kingdom-was once the only person who cares for Yoruka. In fact, the bond between them was so strong that Yoruka willing to submit to Arcadia Empire as an exchange for her brother's life, only to witnessing his decapitated head by greedy politicians. His death served as a catalysis to Yoruka's path as a merciless assassins to Arcadia Empire until its downfall.