Yoruka Kirihime
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Japanese 切姫 夜架
Rōmaji Kirihime Yoruka
Alias The Empire's Assassin Blade
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Eye Blue (right)
Purple (left)
Hair Black
Drag-Rides Yato no Kami
Occupation Assassin (Formerly)


Affiliation Lux Arcadia
Anime Episode 9 (cameo)
Light Novel Light Novel Volume 5

Yoruka Kirihime (切姫 夜架 Kirihime Yoruka) is an Imperial Family's assassin. 


Yoruka is a slim girl with long black hair which perfectly matches her black yukata which is tied by a red obi around her waist. Her most interesting trait are her heterochromatic eyes, her right eye is blue and her left eye is purple.


She has shown to be a cold ruthless assassin when it's necessary, while being kind yet having an evil air to her when she is serving her "master". 



Born as the princess of the Ancient Capital Country, Yoruka had killed a person at the mere age of five. The opponent was a male assassin hired by a noble’s conung blade of the black clothed man, she stabbed his throat with only a bamboo skewer and ended his life. Yoruka was bound to the Arcadia family through a contract in which she agreed to in order to save her younger twin brother, who ended up dying anyway. 


Lux is warned by his sister Airi the about Emperor's Assassin Blade, who had just escaped prison, and would most likely be targeting him, as he was the "Black Hero". 


She has some powers of Lux's. Techniques and Power

  • Quick Draw
  • Recoil Burst
  • End Action
  • Carving Strike

Divine Raiment Edit

Yoruka's Divine Raiment is:

  • Spell Code: The ability to hijack drag rides.

Trivia Edit