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Ries Island Arc is the forth story arc of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc highlights the students's training camp at Ries Island under Relie's orders and their discovery upon the Ark, one of many Ruins in the world. This arc also exposed some of Old Empire's human experimentation, with Philuffy as one of few survived the heinous experimentation.



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  • Some of the scenes from this arc were mixed with Celistia Arc, especially the training camp and the beach in Ries Island.
    • The island itself becomes the main setting in this and the previous arc.
    • In contrast to the Light Novel, in the anime Celis only opens up to Lux after their mock duel that wasinterrupted by Saniya's betrayal.
  • Three of the Great Nobles suggest that Queen Raffi use the students as the New Kingdom's warriors despite the queen's displeasure and suspicions. One of the students they mention is Lux, who they view to be useful for the New Kingdom's purposes.
  • Fugil didn't confront everyone after Hayes's defeat while Lisha herself was too busy to take care of the already injured and exhausted Lux.


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  • Ark is introduced as the Forth Ruin of the world, and also the second Ruin that is visited by Lux and his friends. It is later revealed as a "reproduction factory" of the Abyss by Hayes so she can wreck chaos across the world.
  • Partial flashback between Philuffy and Lux are explained where Lux once promised Philphie that he will make the kingdom a better place. However despite the Old Empire's downfall, the damage was already done as Philuffy herself has became the new and last victim of the Empire's vile experimentation.
    • In fact, Philuffy's own involvement in Arcadia Empire's experimentation plays a vital role to Lux's decision to stage a coup against the Old Arcadia Kingdom.
  • Hayes's hatred against Lux is explained as she viewed him as a "fake" noble and blamed him for Old Arcadia Empire's downfall, of which later become her motivation to topple down the New Kingdom in order to restore the former empire under her rule. It's only until the
  • The Over-Limit Lux equipped is used to unleash Bahamut's true power that boost its strength and speed, though it will cost Lux's stamina dearly as Airi explains to her brother that he can operate Bahamut for merely 12 minutes[1].
  • The following destruction of the Ark and the Ragnarok that belonged to Hayes gives a drastic change to those who involved, specifically Philufy and Lux.
    • Fugil makes his first physical appearance in this arc where he watches Lux and his friends' struggle against both Hayes and the Ragnarok creature. Lux's narrow victory via Over-Limit further drives Fugil to look forward to his former sibling and future rival.
    • Hayes herself has to retreat in spite her disbelief over her Ragnarok's defeat by Lux, but her feud with Lux and his friends continues as she later return and vows to avenge her humiliation in the next arc.



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