Relie Aingram(レリィ・アイングラム Reryi Ainguramu) is the principal of Royal Officer Academy.


Relie is a cute looking person. She has hair which falls under to her shoulders, a slender waist and large breasts, very much like her younger sister, Philuffy.


Relie is a kind person. An example of that is when she helped Lux when he was suspected for being a pervert for peeping on the academy's girls at the start of Episode One.



Relie is the first daughter of the great mercantile House, the Aingram Financial Conglomerate. She has known Lux for a long time as the Aingram House was associated with the Old Empire.

Volume 1Edit

She meets Lux Arcadia, brought by Lisesharte Atismata. She says this affair was an unfortunate accident and says that's the end of that. As Lizsharte was obviously still upset, she tells her she's been acquainted with Lux since the times of the Old Empire, though it may not a good reason let Lux go away from the affair. She tells Lizsharte that she cannot one-sidedly decide that it's Lux's fault once she listened to what he had to say. She states besides the new kingdom's policy says "Innocent until proven guilty". She says she would to like to ask Lux for some maintenance on Drag-Rides and questions that it couldn't be that complicated. She talks about the discovery of Drag-Rides from the Ruins. Since then, their structure has hardly been well-documented. She says due to the trends and the autocratic system of the old empire, their use was mostly prohibited to women. She continues that since the establishment of the New Kingdom with the coup five years ago, it was proven that the compatibility aptitude of women with the Drag-Rides was far above that of men.

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