Royal Knight AcademyEdit

Lux AcadiaEdit

Phi and lu

Lux and Philuffy.

Philuffy first met Lux seven years ago and played a lot together since Aingram House was the Old Empire's former associate. Due to their relationship as childhood friends, both Lux and Philuffy have a very close relationship and had nicknames for each other. In fact, Philuffy is the very reason why Lux participated the coup that led to Arcadia Empire's downfall.

Since Philphie liked Lux, she wasn't bothered living inside the same room with him or even sleeping in the same bed with him sometimes.

Airi AcadiaEdit

Because Airi was Lux's younger sister, she got to know Philphie before the Old Empire's fall. Airi and Philuffy's relationship could be described as good.


Relie AingramEdit

Philuffy has a mutually good relationship with her elder sister Relie, despite their different personalities. Relie, however, got this mischievous side in her by bribing Philuffy with sweets in order to get her little sister to do something. In spite of this Relie cares about Philuffy and she would do anything for her sake, especially after she became the last victim (though later ironically "resurrected" by that very experiment)one of Arcadia Empire's vile experimentation.

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