Philuffy Aingram
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Japanese フィルフィ・アインクラム
Rōmaji Firufi Ainkuramu
Other Names, etc. Phi-chan (by Lux Arcadia)
Personal Information
Species Human (half-abyss)
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Relie Aingram (older sister), Unnamed Mother
Eye Gold
Hair Pink
Drag-Rides Typhon
Occupation Student
School Royal Officer Academy

Philuffy Aingram (フィルフィ・アインクラム Firufi Ainkuramu) is one of the female protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

She is the second daughter of the Aingram Financial Conglomerate. She is Lux's childhood friend and the younger sister of the Principal, Relie Aingram. She is user of the Divine Drag-Ride "Typhon" (テュポーン Tyupōn).


Philuffy is a beautiful young woman with golden eyes and short pink hair tied into pigtails with two black ribbons. Just like her older sister, she has a well-endowed chest that brought about a mysterious charm as it contradicts her childish face.


Philuffy is an easy-going girl but is not good expressing her emotions. Despite this, she had an honest personality. Majority of the time, she exudes out an absent-minded air around her, resulting in some people not taking her seriously at first.

She is always seen eating and Lux remembered that Philuffy has great fondness for sweets as Lisha bribed her with bread seasoned with honey (to leave Lisha and Lux alone) and her older sister, Relie easily incited her with a chance to eat a cake if she were to catch Lux.

Because they are childhood friends, Philuffy got a very close relationship with Lux and calls him "Lu-chan", and insists that the latter should call her "Phi-chan" as she demanded a relationship where she and someone whom she took a liking to call each other by their nickname. She either gets into a bad mood or ignores Lux if he calls her not by her nickname.

Moreover, Philuffy doesn't show any form of shyness even if she and Lux shares the same room and sometimes the same bed.



Philuffy was the second daughter of the great mercantile House, the Aingram Financial Conglomerate, making her the principal's younger sister.

Seven years ago, the Aingram House was associated with the Old Empire. Because they had the same age, Philuffy and Lux got to know each other and played with each other when they were kids.

Philuffy was later taken hostage by the Empire and became a human-trial when the Old Empire tried to combine human and abyss together to control and gain more power. The result put her in a death-like state but she was "revived" when the Abyss was implanted within her, giving her moderate regenerative abilities and heightened strength. She was later rescued by Lux during his coup against the Empire where she return to her sister.

Abilities Edit


  • She had an abyss planted in her body when she was little.