Mel Gizalut
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Japanese メル・ギザルト
Rōmaji Meru Gizaruto
Other Names, etc. Conqueror
Alias Conqueror (征伐者 Seibatsusha)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 13
Status Alive
Relatives ???
Eye ???
Hair Platinum
Drag-Rides ???
Occupation ???
Affiliation Ymir
Seven Dragon Paladin (Member)
Partner(s) ???
Mel Gizalut is one of the members of the Seven Dragon Paladins who represents the Ymir Theocracy.

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Volume 13Edit

Like her fellow Dragon Paladins, Mel is abducted by the Royal Arcadia Empire to do their bidding on it's invasion onto Avalon.

Volume 14Edit

Together with her fellow Dragon Paladin and other allies of Lux (especially Aeril), Mel joins Lux's battle to stop the Royal Arcadia Empire from obtaining Avalon.

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  • Mel is the youngest of the Seven Dragon Paladins.