Royal Officer AcademyEdit

Lisesharte AtismataEdit

Lisha and Lux

Lux and Lisha

First Princess of New Kingdom of Atismata and Lux's friend and fellow classmate. In their initial encounter, Lux accidently bumped into a naked Lisha that led to his temporarily arrest under her degree. Due to the downfall of his former empire, Lux was initially belittled by Lisha and the two dueled in a mock duel, where they were interrupted by an Abyss but Lux managed to rescue her from harm. After the duel, Lux became the first person to see Lisha's belly tattoo that resembled Arcadia Empire's insignia, of which reminded Arcadia Empire's atrocious acts towards her, garnered his sympathy. Nonetheless, both later become friends as they study in the same class while Lisha herself as Lux's employer where he was acted as her personal knight. During a suppression against the rebellion that held by Velvet and his Abyss, Lux protected Lisha from Velvet and defeated the usurpers easily, despite that latter's secret identity as the Black Hero later to be exposed to Lisha but she kept its well from the public, further solidifying their bond. Lisha is also responsible for Lux's Drag-Ride's upgrades, including his Bahamut. He also said that it's okay if the people of their country or the people of the whole world would not accept him, he can fight as long as he has Lisha's acceptance.

Krulcifer EinfolkEdit

Lux and Krulcifer

Lux and Krulcifer.

A mysterious noblewoman who hailed from Einfolk House of Ymir. After the bath incident and Lux is detained she takes notice of the fact that he carries two sword devices, and that one in particular is black, opted her suspicions towards Lux as the Black Hero who succeeded the coup against Arcadia Empire five years ago. During his welcoming party game, Lux hid inside the girls changing room where he accidently saw Krulcifer in her underwear, of which she utilized as an opportunity to grab Lux's red work order that will make him hers for a week. During the week, Lux had to work as Krulcifer's "boyfriend" in an attempt to remove herself from the interest of suitors set up by her adoptive family. During one mission to find the ruin, Lux learned the truth about Krulcifer' as one of the ruin's few survivors but that doesn't stop him from protecting her from harm, which then later becoming more evident during his duel against Balzeride for her sake. Since then, Lux has been becoming Krulcifer's tease subject and love interest.

The Einfolk Household s first impression toward Lux wasn't good. They were suspicious of Lux who became The Seven Dragon Paladin representing The New Kingdom. After Mel Gizalut kissed Lux's cheek, She then explained the Einfolk Household's decision about the engagement. Even though she was scolded because of her awful prank, the Household praised her for choosing Lux to be the candidate. The two are technically engaged at the approval of Krulcifer's family.

Philuffy AingramEdit

Phi and lu

Lux and Philuffy.

Lux's childhood friend and fellow classmate in Royal Knight Academy. Seven years ago, Lux met Philuffy and played a lot together because of Aingram House's association with the Old Empire. Due to that relationship, especially when Philuffy was one of very few sympathizes Lux after his mother's death, Lux and Philuffy have a very close relationship together as they usually address themselves via their nicknames. Additionally, Philuffy herself was Lux's reason to stage a coup against his very own kingdom in order to prevent her becoming one of Old Empire's vile experimentation.

Relie AingramEdit

Royal Officer Academy's principal who appears to be Philphie's older sister and Lux's acquaintance. Due to a longtime friendship between Arcadia and Aingram House even after the former's downfall via a coup, Lux was spared from his imprisonment and he joined the Royal Officer Academy under Relie's recommendation.

Celestia RalgrisEdit

Celes and Lux

Celes and Lux.

The academy's strongest student and one of Four Great Noble's prestigious member (Ralgris House), who was also infamous for hating men. Unlike most student, Celes strongly opposed Lux's enrollment in the academy despite him saving the students during her absence. Lux interacts with Celes under his cross-dressing moniker as Luno, from shopping to open-picnic, and he realizes that she is a normal girl behind her proud demeanor while learned her "man-hating" reputation was actually due to her lack of interaction with men aside from her father. In a mock duel between both Lux and Celes, which is later interrupted by both Ragnarok (Poseidon) and Heiberg Republic's plot (with Saniya as the mole), Lux protects Celes from harm while learn a truth that his grandfather's (Wade Roadbelt) demise for Celes's sake, though he forgave Celes and claiming that he would never hate her.

It's later revealed in episode 12 that she was Lux's fianceé prior to the Old Empire's downfall.


Lux and the Triad have a mutual respect for one another. The Triad are usually friendly with Lux after his enrollment into the academy. They even brought gifts for him while he was in the hospital, which he later repaid them by buying them gift afterwards. Lux trusts them enough to asks them for help when he went to fight Balzeride Kreutzer, even revealing his identity as the Black Hero. However, like most of the girls at the academy, the Triad don't mind making Lux perform request for them. One request involving Lux having to wear a girls' uniform during a watch-out, excusing it as for the sake of the academy and not for their personal interest (which it was). While the Triad don't seem to hold any romantic feeling for Lux, they enjoy teasing him about how popular he is and the situations he get's into with the other girls.

In the light novels, there is more hints towards the Triad girls having a romantic interest in Lux as in many events the tend to blush from his actions as well as show jealousy whenever other girls are being intimate with Lux.


Airi ArcadiaEdit

Brother and sister

Lux and Airi.

Lux's younger sister and one of his surviving siblings following the fall and demise of the Arcadia Empire. Due to her unknown illness, Lux willing to do anything for her sake even he had to be chore prince for the kingdom. His selflessness and benevolence however worries Airi as she view that his very attributes would cause him into some troubles that even nearly endanger his life. Additionally, Airi is among of few who know Bahamut's strength and weaknesses.

Aeril Vi Arcadia Edit

Aeril is a Lux's distant relative. She used to be Coral Esther, an Aide of Greifer Nest from Vanheim Principality. As Coral, she aided Lux a lot during his position as one of Seven Dragon Paladin because she viewed him as a kind, upright, and strong boy.

During Holy Arcadia Empire Arc, Lux was betrayed by Aeril when the latter drugged the former and, like his fellow Dragon Paladins, being abducted to the Holy Arcadia Empire. In the same arc, she is also given a "right" to use Lux by her elder sister Listelka who then noticed her little sister's affection towards him. As the story progresses, however, Aeril eventually turned against her sisters and aided Lux in his battle against her former allies.

Fugil ArcadiaEdit

Lux's older half brother and also responsible to Lux's decision in staging a coup against the Arcadia Empire. Prior to his parents' passing, Lux was under Fugil's care as the two often seen together. After the coup however, Lux was belittled by Fugil and he was deemed as the weakest and unfit to rule the fallen kingdom, which was now ruled under the Atismata House. In order to pursue Fugil, Lux is dedicated to become stronger. As Fugil is partly responsible for the burden Lux and his sister have had placed on them, and the fact Fugil betrayed Lux, Lux seems to desire vengeance against him and seemed willing to fight him with Bahamut right away. The antagonism between two rivals becomes even increasingly intense when Lux eventually learns about the truth about Fugil: Being a "member" of the Lords of Holy Arcadia Empire and his goals in fulfilling his sinister ambition, as well as his abilities in manipulating other people's memory.

In the anime adaptation, however, Fugil instead just glaring at Lux when the latter notice the former during the celebration, though he eventually disappears later.

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Magialca Zen VanfrickEdit

Singlen ShelbritEdit

V6 Singlen Shelbrit V.S. Lux Arcadia

Lux vs. Singlen.

The vice captain of the Dragon Paladins and also Lux's rival due to their conflicting ideologies despite both sharing their rivalry/hatred against Fugil and as fellow Dragon Paladins who survive the infamous Baptism. Whilst Lux wishes to save everyone he holds dearly, Singlen on the other hand wishes to rule the world through apathy towards others. For the most part, their hatred against each other are mutual: Lux loathes Singlen due to his amoral methods for his own gain, whilst Singlen belittles Lux for the former prince's naivete in keeping his dream alive. Nevertheless, though, Lux is respected as a worthy warrior by Singlen.

In the 14th Volume, both Lux and Singlen had to work together in order to stop the Holy Arcadia Empire from invading Avalon, only for them to turn against each other when Singlen betrays Lux during their mission.

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Rivals and EnemiesEdit

Velvet BarthEdit

The former general of Arcadia Empire who attempt to destroy the Atismata Kingdom.

Balzeride KreutzerEdit

A prestigious noble who hailed from Kreutzer House of the New Kingdom's Four Great Nobles. Upon their initial meeting, Lux was belittled by Balzeride and he was challenged into a duel to win Krulcifer's heart, of which Krulcifer accepted on his behalf. To Lux's perspective, Balzeride was indifferent to the Arcadia Empire's corrupted aristocrats mostly because he (Balzeride) viewed woman as mere tools. In the fated duel, Lux had a rough battle against Balzeride because of noble's Drag Ride Aži Dahāka's ability that absorbed Bahamut's ability (Reload On Fire), though the latter prevailed when he uses Bahamut's Recoil Burst to defeat Balzeride and destroy Aži Dahāka altogether.

Hayes Vi ArcadiaEdit

Heiburg Republic's tactician who appeared to be Lux's fellow Arcadia House member as the Second Princess, although Lux himself has no recollection about her prior to the Old Empire's downfall. In their first encounter, Lux almost mistaken her as Fugil after he managed to defeat the Ragnarok creature named Poseidon, and he was mocked as Fake Prince by Hayes. In Volume 13, Lux reunited with Hayes and he was nearly tortured by her during his abduction alongside with his fellow Dragon Paladins by the Royal Arcadia Empire.

In the anime adaptation, instead of Lisha, Lux was the one who defeated and killed Hayes during the Empire Recapture Plan.

Lagreed FolsEdit

Lux's former friend and one of many former nobleman of the fallen Arcadia Empire. Unlike Lux who revolt against Arcadia Empire for a noble cause, Lagreed would seek to be a "future" emperor in order to fulfill his selfish desire, especially enslaving women under his will. However, not even his empowered Drag-ride from the Ruins could defeat Lux's Bahamut's form.

Dragon MaraudersEdit

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