Lux Arcadia (ルクス・アーカディア Rukusu Ākadia) is the main male protagonist of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut.

He was a prince of the Empire that was destroyed five years ago due to the coup d'état. He met with the princess of the new Kingdom, Lisesharte, when he accidentally broke into the bathroom of the girl's dormitory. He is a Drag-Knight who is dubbed as the “Weakest Undefeated” and also the "Black Hero". He is also the user of the Divine Drag-Ride "Bahamut".


Lux has medium-sized silver hair with grey eyes. He wears the standard school uniform. Most of the girls at the academy have said that Lux has a cute, childlike face.

When the Triad forced Lux to disguise as girl in Volume 3, he wore a long chestnut-colour wig and the female school uniform. He was described as looking like a very pretty girl by everybody who saw him in his disguise (much to his embarrassment).


Lux has a very kind personality, willing to help anyone in need. Lux has proven to have a strong morale code, even trying to avoid killing his enemies during the revolt.

Most of the time, Lux is very shy around girls his age. This is not helped by how most of girls at the academy try to get closer to Lux because he's the only boy there and how they try to make him do "odd jobs" for them.

However, Lux can become very serious, calm and calculating when he wants to be. Krulcifer once mentioned that when angered enough, Lux can become aggressive and destructive in battle.

As his sister mentioned, Lux also has the trait that makes him stubborn. When he wants to help someone, he does it, regardless of the situation.



Anime Episode 1 Lux Past 2

Lux as one of the Princes of Arcadia House.

Lux was born as the illegitimate seventh son of Emperor Diseld, along with his younger sister Airi. With the exception of the eldest son Fugil, Lux's brothers looked down on him. Lux had few opportunities to go outside, as he was taught by a private tutor and had to stay by the side of the often-sick Airi.[1]

When Lux was eight, he met Dalto Aingram, a wealthy merchant whose late wife had been a friend of Lux's mother, and was introduced to his daughters Relie and Philuffy.[2] Lux became friends with Philuffy after an incident in which Abel (Lux's half-brother and the sixth prince) and his friend Ragreed attempted to frame Philuffy for damaging a valuable statue, only for Lux to take the blame instead.[1]

About two months after Lux and Philuffy became friends, Lux's maternal grandfather Wade criticised the emperor for his policies. As punishment, Diseld ordered for Wade to be imprisoned and for Lux and his mother to be banished from the imperial court to a residence on the outskirts of the imperial capital. Lux and his mother were thus exposed to the resentment of the commoners. When Lux was ten, a carriage carrying him and his mother fell off a cliff. Lux begged for someone to help his seriously-injured mother, only to be booed and hit by thrown rocks. This resulted in Lux's mother's death.[3]

After his mother's death, Lux was filled with hatred for everyone else, to the point of pushing away Philuffy. However, Philuffy persisted and went to Lux's mother's grave every day to lay a flower on it, even getting herself injured on one occasion. As a result of Philuffy's efforts, Lux was able to move past his hatred. Philuffy eventually had to leave the capital due to her family's work. As they said their goodbyes to each other, Lux swore to create a country where girls like Philuffy would be able to feel safe, while Philuffy gave him a kiss as a good luck charm so that they would one day meet again.[3]

Lux later became known as the youngest Drag-Knight in history. He gained several hundred victories in training and mock battles, but was not recognised due to both his illegitimacy and his objections to the Old Empire's policies.[4] By the age of 12, he had invented the Drag-Knight secret technique Quick Draw.[5]

Five years ago, the Old Empire began abducting young girls for human experimentation to create weapons, one of whom was Philuffy Aingram.[4] Around the same time, Count Atismata (one of the Old Empire's nobles) gathered support from other lords and neighbouring countries to launch a rebellion. At Fugil's instigation, Lux decided to take part in the coup to save Philuffy.[4] Lux fought for the rebel side while hiding his identity.[6] Unknown to them, the count's sister Raffi was in love with Waybra Hemt, one of the Old Empire's supporters. Raffi revealed her brother's plans to Waybra, who passed this on to the Emperor, who then decided to allow the rebellion to go ahead so that all the rebels could be found and dealt with.[7][8]

Lux discovered that Philuffy had died as a result of the experiments. He despaired and intended to abandon the plan by heading out to kill the Emperor himself. This forced Fugil to use Ouroboros to rewrite Lux's memories.[8]

Lux and Fugil created a plan to ensure the success of the revolution. Count Atismata's forces would attack the imperial capital's castle, creating a diversion for Lux and Fugil to infiltrate via a secret passage, capture the rest of the imperial family and open the gates to allow the count in. To increase the time that Lux could use Bahamut and also allow him to use Over Limit, Fugil had the Automaton Arshalia Rei Arcadia perform Baptism on him.[6]

Anime Episode 1 Bahamut

Lux as the "Black Hero" during the coup.

On the final day of the rebellion, everything went wrong. Due to Raffi's betrayal, Count Atismata and his second daughter were killed, and Diseld decided to take Airi hostage. When Lux entered the throne room, Diseld threatened to have Airi killed if Lux didn't surrender. Fugil was again forced to intervene, saving Airi and killing the Emperor's guards. He then summoned Ouroboros in preparation to rewrite memories again. Fugil wore Bahamut and singlehandedly fought and defeated the Empire's army. Fugil told Lux to kill the remaining imperial family, announce to the populace that he had conspired with Count Atismata to achieve the rebellion, and become the new emperor.[7] Lux refused to do this and attacked Fugil.[9] He lost and Fugil proceeded to use Ouroboros to rewrite the world's memories.[8] Lux now believed that he had defeated the 1200 Drag-Knights of the Old Empire without killing them, only for Fugil to finish them off along with the imperial family. He (and a few others who knew that he was involved in the rebellion) mistakenly thought that he was the Black Hero - a legendary figure who singlehandedly destroyed the Old Empire's army and caused its destruction.[5]

As the last known survivors of the Old Empire (Fugil having gone into hiding), Lux and Airi were labeled as "criminals" by the New Kingdom. They were pardoned, but charged with a debt worth 1/5 of the New Kingdom's national budget. Both Lux and Airi were required to work to pay off the debt: Lux by performing odd jobs for the citizens, Airi by deciphering ancient manuscripts and updating Drag-Ride manuals. Airi was additionally kept in the Royal Officer Academy as a hostage to prevent Lux running away or misbehaving.[10]


Volume 1Edit

Lux finds himself in a public bath, on top of a naked Lisesharte Atismata and surrounded by other naked girls. He tries to defuse the situation using a technique that he had previously learned from a bar owner for praising girls, but this only worsens the situation and causes the girls to chase him. He reminisces about how he ended up in this situation: he chased a cat that had stolen a girl's purse across the rooftops, only to fall through the roof of the bath, and then he pushed Lisha out of the way of falling debris. Lux runs away but runs into the Triad - Shalice, Tillfur and Noct - who equip Drag-Rides and attempt to catch him. Lux manages to evade them but then runs into Krulcifer, who incapacitates him with a martial arts throw.[11]

The next day, Lux wakes up in a jail cell with his personal belongings confiscated. The blonde girl from last night appears, and realizes he unknowingly trespassed into the Kingdom's Royal Officer Academy (hence the Drag-Rides). The girl introduces herself as the princess of the New Kingdom that overthrew the Old Empire.[10]



Bahamut (Black-Hero)Edit


  • Lux has an high aptitude with Drag-Rides, making him a prodigy of his generation while applying and inventing numerous techniques with it.
  • Lux has superhuman vision.
  • Lux has been shown to be very proficient in swordplay.

Techniques and Power Edit

  • Quick Shot: A special move which saw through the enemy’s attack preliminary movement, uses the acceleration by <Reload on Fire> or <Quick Draw> and instantly destroy the enemy.
  • Quick Draw : A mind control operation in addition to the body control operation. A special move that dishes out unseen attacks with just one stroke, in an instant, through a sequence of movements from the perfect overlap of manipulating two differing systems. Lux invented it when he was 12.
  • Recoil Burst : A hidden technique which creates the accumulation of utmost limits by restraining, through one’s own mind processing, an action at full power by body manipulation. An attack at full power and the order to stop it. It originally releases an ultra-powerful blow which is contradictorily performed through powerful operation at the same time as the Machine Dragon was intentionally allowed to rampage. A forbidden technique where, if he could not perfectly perform the braking of energy flowing from the Force Core, <Bahamut>’s power would go on a rampage midway, and he would expose his surroundings and even his body to the danger of death. That power boasted of a power dozens of times that of a normal blow released at full power. Lux invented it.
  • End Action: A secret technique that has been devised by Lux. By the time Bahamut has executed one command, Lux is able to give out commands endlessly, without pause. In the anime, he is shown to dart all over a Ragnarok, slicing tentacles continously at an absurd rate. According to his sister Airi, it ends when he figures out his opponent's intentions, not when his attacks are interrupted.

Divine RaimentEdit

  • Reload on Fire : A 10-second magic called Compression Strengthening. A Divine Raiment of seal and release or, repression and liberation. An ability which rapidly decelerates the flow of time in the target to some fraction in the first five seconds, and accelerates it several times in the last five seconds. Reload on Fire can been used to augment another divine raiment, namely, Spray Shot, due to its time altercation.


  • Lux is the Latin word for 'light'. It is also used as the SI unit of illuminance or luminous flux.
  • Arcadia was a colony of New France in northeastern North America that included parts of eastern Quebec, the Maritime provinces, and modern-day Maine to the Kennebec River.


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