Classmates Edit

Lux Acadia Edit

Lisha first met Lux after the chore prince fell from the bathroom roof. Lisha showed hostility to Lux though it was later revealed that Lisha got agitated thinking that the former prince of the Old Empire had seen the 'seal' in her body.

The two of them began a cordial relationship after Lux saved Lisha from an Abyss intruding their fight. Lisha started being a little too close with Lux, fixing and even upgrading his broken Wyvern.

Lisha also participated on catching Lux in order to monopolize him for a week though she ended up failing after Lux tricked her. She is shown to be in love with Lux though she doesn't accept it.

Family Edit

Count Atismata Edit

With her talk with Lux, Lisha said that she hates her father for abandoning her to the hands of the Old Empire which resulted to her having the empire's seal carved in her belly. When she was kidnapped, Lisha dearly wished that her father would choose to rescue her instead of continuing the revolt. Sadly, Count Atismata chose his country over her daughter and even appointed Lisha's little sister to be the princess of the New Kingdom.

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