Lisesharte Atismata
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Japanese リーズシャルテ・アティスマータ
Rōmaji Rīzusharute Atisumāta
Other Names, etc. Lisha
Alias Scarlet War Princess (朱の戦姫 Shu no Senki)
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive
Relatives Count Atismata (father; deceased)

Little sister (deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Queen Raffi (aunt/adoptive mother)

Eye Crimson
Hair Blonde
Drag-Rides Tiamat

Chimeric Wyvern

Occupation Student

Machine Dragon Research and Development Chief

Affiliation New Kingdom of Atismata (First Princess)

Royal Knight Academy
Knight Squadron

Lizsharte Atismata (リーズシャルテ・アティスマータ Rīzusharute Atisumāta) is one of the female protagonists of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. Her nickname is Lisha (リーシャ Rīsha). Princess of the New Kingdom of Astimata. She is called the Scarlet War Princess (朱の戦姫 Shu no Senki). She is the user of the Divine Drag-Ride Tiamat (ティアマトTiamato).


Lizsharte is a beautiful young woman with a beautiful face, white skin, and crimson eyes. She has long blonde hair which is usually tied in a ponytail on left side.

When Lux fell from the roof, he described Lisha as someone whose whole package itself is like that of a child primarily because of her modest size chest.

When she was kidnapped, her abductors branded her with the Old Empire's seal on her lower abdomen signifying that she is a property of the Old Empire.


At first, Lizsharte acts like a tsundere, but as series goes on she opens up to Lux little by little. Like most women from the Old Empire she grew up abused, abandoned, and lonely until the day that Lux destroyed the Old Empire.

Most of the time, Lizsharte is rather childish. As she enjoys getting praised, believing that the "coolest" of Drag-Rides is the second most important thing, and can be quite clingy when it comes to Lux. She is also very innocent about romance and love, even having difficultly describing what a kiss is. This stunned some of her classmates at how little she knew about love.



Lizsharte is the first daughter of the late Count Atismata, the hero who lead the coup d’état against the Old Empire and the niece of the New Kingdom's current queen, Raffi. Because her aunt doesn't have a child of her own, she was adopted and became the Princess of the New Kingdom.

Five years ago before the coup d’état could advance, Lisha was kidnapped and was used as a bargaining chip to stop Count Atismata. Lisha, however, was abandoned by her father, proceeded on his plans in order to bring down the Old Empire. This lead to her having the Old Empire's seal branded on her lower abdomen which was concealed from the people of the New Kingdom.

She also had a little sister and was supposed to be the one to have the title of Princess of the New Kingdom since Lisha was already abandoned. Unfortunately, her little sister was killed during the coup d’état and Lisha was later rescued.


Lizsharte was bathing when Lux Acadia falls down from the ceiling above her. She calls Lux a pervert and asks him if he has anything to say before dying. Lux praises her by saying things she find insulting to herself. She screams that Lux is a fool.

Next day, she asks Lux if he's awake. She thanks him for dropping in last night. She says that he had some wonderful pick-up lines the previous night and she almost fell for them, sarcastically. Although she has many things to say him, the principal called for Lux. She tells him to follow her and asks him if he still intended to feign ignorance at that point. She says he couldn't have possibly crept in here without knowing into the girl's dormitory. She tells him her name. She tells him from the 5 years ago, she was the princess of the new kingdom which destroyed his empire and that it's nice to meet him.

She brought him to the principal, Relie Aingram. She says that's it to principal's words. Principal tells her she's been acquainted with Lux since the times of the old empire, though it may not a good reason let Lux go away from the affair. Lizsharte says "but" and is told by the principal who can't one-sidedly decide that it's Lux's fault once she listened to what he had to say. Lizsharte tells Lux the people at this academy concentrate their efforts on the upbringing of Drag-Knights who won't lose to those of other countries.


Techniques and Power Edit

  • Cannon: Equipped on the right arm of Tiamat, it is an armament which envisioned strong flames. A blow with a high temperature and impact, that loads the energy from the middle of the cannon which is the power source and releases it with destructive power.
  • Blade: Main weapon of Tiamat it is a sword suited for close range combat.
  • Breath Gun: Long range weapon suited for fast shooting.

Divine RaimentEdit

Lizsharte's Divine Raiment is: Heavenly Voice. It has the power of gravity control.

Other Skills

Lizsharte is also a talented Drag-Ride engineer. She can not only repair damage Drag-Rides and install new parts, but she manage to create a new one all by herself.


  • Lizsharte Also Looks Like Nagi Sanzenin From Hayate the combat Butler since her hair Is Like Nagi's.