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Lagreed Fols
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Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Alive
Eye Grey
Hair Violet
Occupation Former Noble
Affiliation Old Kingdom of Arcadia (Former)

Heiburg Republic

Lagreed Fols (ラグリード・フォルス Ragurido Fuorus) was one of few Arcadia Empire's surviving noble and one of the series' antagonist. He is known to be Fugil's friend and also Philuffy's bully for framing her into something she didn't do. After rescued by Hayes, Lagreed then joins Hayes's plan to destroy the New Kingdom and then revive the Arcadia Kingdom under his rule, only to be foiled by Lux and his friends.



Greedy, malevolent and even sadistic, Lagreed is a corrupted and abusive noble who cares only his devious desire. Like most nobles of the former Old Empire, Lagreed has a tendencies to abuse his own power in order to enslave anyone under his feet.




Techniques and PowerEdit

(To be added...)


  • In an anime exclusive, Lagreed replaced Velvet as the first antagonist of the Fallen Prince Arc.

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