Krulcifer Einfolk
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Japanese クルルシファー・エインフォルク
Rōmaji Kururushifā Einforuku
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 17 (supposedly)
Status Alive
Eye Sky Blue
Hair Light Blue
Drag-Rides Fafnir
Occupation Student

Krulcifer Einfolk (クルルシファー·エインフォルクKururushifā Einforuku) es uno de los protagonistas de Saijaku Muhai pecado Bahamut.

A classmate who is a foreign student from the religious country Ymir, a powerful nation from the north. She is the user of the Divine Drag-Ride "Fafnir" ファフニール Fafunīru).


Krulcifer Tiene el pelo de colores de azul claro con adornos de pelo negro atado En Una cinta. Ella Tiene Un cuerpo delgado y mal proporcionado, nofeatures y Los ojos azules de luz fría.

Lux described her like a perfect work of art, showing neither strain nor slack and has a mature air around her.

Personality Edit

Whenever she became embarrassed, Krucifer can easily compose herself right away and offer a witty remark . She also has a straightforward and daring personality uno se trata de ser zorras ella es la indicada ,ella consciente de la relación de lux y lishi se interpone por envidia y too esto se aclaró en el episodio 11 .


Fallen Prince ArcEdit

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