The Heiburg Republic is one of the countries located in the World.

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The Seven Dragon Paladin of Heiburg Republic is Rosa Granhide.

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More than 10 years ago,  the military of Heiburg Republic received damage from a skirmish against Arcadia Empire, and the counterattack from that was strengthened. Hayes who came as an arm dealer cooperated with military of Heiburg expanded the military power and Because the production of Drag-Rides were controlled by Hayes and the military, the meaning of a republic system in Heiburg was no longer applied. the new system military regime was established in less than a few years.

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The capital of the Heiburg Republic is the castle town Hidehelm.[1]

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Military regime can also be called "stratocracy". a government system which is controlled by military power

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  1. Light Novel Volume 10, Episode 1

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