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Alias Black Marketer
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age ???
Status Unknown
Eye Grey (Right), Purple (Left)
Hair Grayish White
Drag-Rides Nidhogg
Occupation Strategist of Heiberg Republic (Former)
Royal Arcadia Empire (Former)
Affiliation Heiburg Republic (Former)
Royal Arcadia Empire

Hayes (ヘイズ), formerly known as Hayes Vi Arcadia, is a strategist of Heiburg Republic equipped with Divine Drag-Ride Nidhogg and one of the series' main antagonists. Also known as the Black Marketer, Hayes was notorious for providing various weapons (or information) to aristocrats across the continent, from Horns that summon both Abyss and Ragnarok monsters to even Drag-Rides, all to witness the fall of the kingdoms' monarchy from within. It is later revealed that she was one of few Arcadia House's survivors (alongside with Lux, Airi, Fugil, Aeril and Listelka) after Old Empire's downfall, with her former position as the Royal Arcadia Empire's Second Princess.


Hayes appears to have gray hair which is a common traits to the Arcadia Empire members, as well having a pair of her signature Heterochromic eyes, with her right colored grey and her left colored blue.


Hayes is seen as a proud yet manipulative person who enjoys watching chaos around her and having her tendencies in belittling those who are not in her, specifically either Fugil who she despised the most or Lux who she claims as the "False Prince". When Bahamut and Tiamat defeated the Ragnarok she controlled, she was left angry for the humiliation that Lux and Lisesharte caused her defeat, leading to her hatred against Lux and his allies.




Techniques and PowerEdit

Astral Line

This is a Powerful Laser Beam that was used to split the city completely in half.


  • While she is revived by Elixir in the Light Novels series, Hayes is killed bu Lux in the anime series while her condition remained unknown in the manga.