Drag-Ride (機竜機竜《ドラゲライド》) are machine dragons. Ancient weapons excavated from the ruins. Since then, their structure has hardly been well-documented. Due to the trends and the autocratic system of the old empire, their use was mostly prohibited to women. Since the establishment of the new kingdom with the Coup D'État five years ago, it was proven that the compatibility aptitude of women with the Drag-Rides was far above that of men. There are rare species even among them, and the ones who possessing high performance were called Divine Drag-Ride. In addition, user of Drag-Rides are called "Drag-Knights".

Basic ArmamentsEdit

Breath Gun (息砲):

Dagger (機竜爪刃《ダガー》): Machine Dragon Claw Blades

Wiretail (竜尾綱線《ワイヤーテイル》):

There are three types of general-purpose Machine-Dragons:Edit

Wyvern (飛翔機竜《ワイバーン》): Flying-type Machine Dragons

Wyrm (陸戦機竜《ワイアーム》): Ground-type Machine Dragons

Drake (特装機竜《ドレイク》): Customized-type Machine Dragons

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