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Celes and Lux

Celis and Lux.

The former prince of the fallen Arcadia Kingdom a student of Royal Knights Academy. Initially disliked him due to her reputation as a man-hater, Celis was the first who originally object Lux's enrollment in the academy. In reality however, Celis is actually trying to protect Lux from anything related to Arcadia Kingdom's subject, specifically after her mentor's passing by a dark conspiracy by Arcadia Kingdom. After his rescue from Saniya's betrayal however, Celis began to have some affections towards Lux.

The feelings of Celis increased to the point of being intimate when she is rescued by Lux later in the Volumes, and it results in Celis passionately kissing Lux in a deep kiss in a similar fashion as Krulcifer.

Old Arcadia EmpireEdit

Wade RoadbeltEdit

Celes's teacher in swordsmanship who apparently Lux's grandfather from his maternal side. Prior to Old Arcadia Empire's downfall, Celes witnessed its

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Saniya LemisteEdit

Saniya was one of the few friends in the academy that Celis had. It was later revealed that she was a spy from the Heiburg republic sent to infiltrate the academy. Saniya faced off against Celis. She lost but was able to escape. she was than later defeated in the all dragon war arc when she had a rematch with Celis and was once again defeated.

Rosa GranhideEdit

Saijakubahamut v8 02

Celis's hostility against Rosa.

One of Seven Dragon Paladins and representative of the Heiburg Republic. in vol. 8 Celis viewed Rosa as a sort of villain during the campus festival after she parried an attack from Sharis injuring her fellow Syvalles member. later on, the lords requested an exhibition match between the newly formed seven dragon paladins. with the winner getting first right to excavate the ruins located in the Ralgris territory for a month. due to the over whelming resources of with town evacuations and army to hold back the abysses that escape, Celis heavily objected but was over ruled due to the lords influence and there being a challenger. Celis and lux had no choice but to fight Rosa and her aide. In the fight Celis and Lux had the upper hand until Rosa proved how ruthless she truly was and resorted to underhanded methods. on interactions occurred until a month later until vol. 11 when their relationship has become less hostile. After a meeting between the seven dragon paladin. Lux said his fair wells in an atmosphere too pleasant for Celis liking. Celis later told Lux that her breast are bigger for his info.

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