Royal Officer AcademyEdit

Lux ArcadiaEdit

Celes and Lux

Celes and Lux.

The former prince of the fallen Arcadia Kingdom a student of Royal Knights Academy. Initially disliked him due to her reputation as a man-hater, Celes was the first who originally object Lux's enrollment in the academy. In reality however, Celes is actually trying to protect Lux from anything related to Arcadia Kingdom's subject, specifically after her mentor's passing by a dark conspiracy by Arcadia Kingdom. After his rescue from Saniya's betrayal however, Celes begin to have some affections towards Lux.

Old EmpireEdit

Wade RoadbeltEdit

Celes's teacher in swordsmanship appeared to be Lux's grandfather.

New KingdomEdit

Rival and EnemiesEdit

Saniya LemisteEdit

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