Celestia Ralgris
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Rōmaji Serisutia Rarugurisu
Other Names, etc. The Academy's Strongest
Alias Celis
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 18
Status Alive
Relatives Dist Ralgris (father)

Unnamed mother

Eye Blue
Hair Blonde
Drag-Rides Lindworm
Occupation Student
Affiliation New Kingdom of Atismata

Four Great Nobles
Royal Knight Academy (Student)
Knight Squadron

Celestia Ralgris (セリスティア・ラルグリス Serisutia Rarugurisu) is the Third Year knight leader of the “Knight Squadron”. She is said to be the strongest of the Academy. She's a young woman of the Ralgirs House, one of the Four Great Nobles, and she's famous (incorrectly) for being a man-hater.


Celestia is a beautiful young woman with a buxom figure with long flowing blonde hair that is kept by a headband and blue eyes. She has large breasts and is mostly seen wearing the girls uniform.


As one of the prestigious knights, Celestia is seen as a proud and strong female student who's willing to protect anyone from harm, specifically anything related with men. She takes it to herself to be the leader of Drag-Knights and is alone because of her personality. Although, she actually wants to be social and have lots of friends. Also she seems to be a man-hater but she actually isn't one, telling Lux the truth while he was in his female disguise.


Many years ago she was a student of Lux's grandfather.


Techniques and PowerEdit

Lance: Close range and lunging weapons Edit

  • Breath Gun: Long range weapon for barrage shooting.
  • Lightning Lance:
  • Starlight Zero:

Celistia's Divine Raiment is:

  • Divine Gate: It creates a sphere room which allows Celistia to move from one place to another within the area.

Trivia Edit

Her name means Heavenly or sky in Latin.