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Celestia Arc
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Location Royal Knights Academy, New Kingdom
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Ymir Nobility Arc ←Celestia Arc→ Ries Island Arc
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Ymir Nobility Arc ←Celestia Arc→ Ries Island Arc

Celestia Arc is the third story arc of Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut series. This arc highlights Celestia Ralgris, one of the Royal Officer Academy's strongest knights and a prominent member of the Four Great Nobles who strongly opposes Lux's enrollment in the academy.


A View Of the HeroEdit

Somewhere from the skies, Fugil and a woman named Mishis V Exfer are viewing the world from a floating airship where Mishis questions Fugil's decision to entrust the Divine Drag-Ride to his future rival that will eventually fight against him. As his answer, Fugil then asks back to Mishis about the definition as a Hero, of which she answers as someone who fight for the sake of justice tone. Fugil however denies as he claims the drive for some people willing to be Heroes are their self-preservation and in order to open the Ruins for themselves, these Heroes are needed as their key.


The Return of The StrongestEdit

School Life and Her SpeculationsEdit

Campus Selection BattleEdit

The Girl’s TruthEdit

The Weakest vs. The StrongestEdit


Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit



  • Some of the scene from Ries Island Arc are mixed into this arc.
  • The scene between Fugil and Mishis is omitted out from the anime series.
  • The duel itself is altered in the anime series where some of the scenes in the Light Novel did not appears in the anime.
    • Lisha and Krulcifer did not battle against Celes before Lux and Philuffy.
    • The beach scene, which was originated from the fourth arc, is added into the anime's seventh episode before the duel between Lux and Celes.
    • Saniya did not reveals her true identity as one of Heiburg Republic's spies to anyone even Celes. In fact, rather than Airi who notice Saniya's true nature in the Light Novel series, Shalice and Tillfur are the one who discover Saniya's betrayal instead.
    • Philuffy simply disappears from the crowd without battling against Hayes or other Heiburg Republic spies.[1]


Major charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

Minor CharacterEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Behind her infamous reputation being a "man-hater" masks Celes's own shyness in interacting with men other from her father, nor did she have any knowledge about them. That remained secret and they are only known by Saniya and Lux (as "Luno").
    • Celes's protest against Lux's enrollment as Royal Officer Academy's student is explained as her redemption to protect Lux[Notes 1][Notes 2]from anything related to the Old Empire due to her respect to her late mentor Wade Roadbelt, who also appeared to be Lux's grandfather. [2][3]
  • Lux's and Celes's first battle against the first Ragnarok that named Poseidon gave a drastic change to those who involved, along with appearances of Heiburg Republic members such as Hayes and Saniya[Notes 3]whose goal is to destroy the New Kingdom.
    • Following her betrayal, Saniya is no longer affiliate with New Kingdom of Atismata, making her as Lux's and his friends' enemy [4]until the Empire Recapture Plan in fifth arc.
    • Hayes is introduced as this arc's main antagonist who is responsible for Poseidon's attack during Celes's and Lux's mock duel. The first meeting between the two would foretell their fierce rivalry where she yield a strong antagonistic hatred against Lux for she deems him as a "Fake Prince". 
    • Celes begin to open herself to Lux after seeing his identity as the Black Hero, resulting their reconciliation after she recognizes the former prince as the Royal Officer Academy's student.[5]
      • In fact, since Lux is the first man in her life to praise her, Celes becomes one of Lux's important allies and later becomes one of his love interest in the later arcs.


  1. According to Celes, she told Wade about Arcadia Empire's rampant corruption that prompted the latter to confront and advise the emperor to stop its atrocities, only to end up imprisoned inside the imperial cells that later lead to his death. Consequently, Wade's relatives including Lux were banished from Arcadia Empire and tragedy struck Lux when his mother died in an unknown incident. That severely traumatized Celes who vows to rectify her mistake by (silently) protect Lux in order to keep him away from anything related to the Old Empire, even if she had to battle against Lux to do so.
  2. In addition, the journal Celes hold once belonged to Wade that served as his few legacy behind him, especially about Arcadia Empire's dark side.
  3. According to Saniya's backstory, she was one of seven siblings (only female) and suffered an androphobia due to a longtime abuse from her father that (supposedly) resulted her hatred against men. That was proven to be lie however as-in reality-Saniya was actually an adopted daughter from Lemiste House of the Heiburg Republic and worked as one of the spies by manipulating Celes.


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