• Auric Drake

    The 15th volume has now been translated into English, courtesy of bakapervert (note that link may have NSFW images). I read through the whole thing in one sitting and... well.

    As TV Tropes would put it, Nothing Is the Same Anymore.

    This post is for any discussion on the events of Volume 15, including on how to update the wiki with this new information.

    I'm not putting any spoilers here as it would ruin it. If you haven't done so already, do not read the comments, go and read the novel first. If you haven't read the previous volumes, read them first otherwise it won't make any sense. If you've only watched the anime (which covers the first 5 volumes), you can start with Volume 6 (but I recommend starting with Volume 1 as the anime leaves a lot …

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  • Auric Drake

    Hi, I'm Auric Drake.

    First, a recap for those who haven't been following recent events. I haven't been on this wiki for long, but when I started editing I noticed that it had a lot of issues: incomplete pages, wanted pages, pages that were duplicates of existing pages etc. Some of these issues can only be fixed by someone with admin rights, but none of the existing admins had contributed for years. I tried messaging the wiki's founder and then-bureaucrat, User:Ars Oboro, to grant me admin rights, but received no reply. I therefore made a request on Community Central to adopt the wiki, which was accepted. As a result, I'm now the sole admin and bureacrat of this wiki.

    In this blog post, I outline ways I think this wiki could be improved and g…

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  • Auric Drake

    Adopting the wiki

    June 13, 2018 by Auric Drake

    If you've been on this wiki, chances are you've noticed that it doesn't have any admins active right now. The current admins are User:Ars Oboro (who's also a bureaucrat), User:Shiroiame and User:Hanafi Bouchebout, none of whom have been active since 2016. This is a problem since there's a number of things that only admins can do on a wiki, such as deleting pages and protecting pages (for more information see here). I posted a request for admin rights on Ars Oboro's message wall a while ago, but haven't gotten a reply.

    I'm therefore considering adopting the wiki. "Adopting a wiki" means requesting admin and/or bureaucrat rights to a wiki that doesn't have active admins and/or bureaucrats, as detailed on this page. In my case, I'm planning on…

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  • Leader Vladimir

    For obvious reasons, an English dub of the anime would increase awareness of the series and further open the possibility for a second season, or at least an OVA. These are the actors I would consider for the characters.

    • Lux Arcadia: Josh Grelle, Justin Briner, Brandon McInnis
    • Lisesharte Atismata: Felecia Angelle, Amber Lee Connors, Jill Harris
    • Krulcifer Einfolk: Jad Saxton, Leah Clark, Marissa Lenti
    • Philuffy Aingram: Tia Ballard, Sarah Wiedenheft, Mikaela Krantz
    • Celestia Ralgris: Brittney Karbowski, Monica Rial, Caitlin Glass
    • Yoruka Kirihime: Luci Christian, Megan Shipman, Alexis Tipton
    • Airi Arcadia: Michelle Rojas, Jeannie Tirado, Cassandra Lee
    • Relie Aingram: Brina Palencia, Elizabeth Maxwell, Erika Harlacher
    • Fugil Arcadia: Alex Organ, Todd Haber…
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