Barzeride Kreutzer
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Other Names, etc. Title Holder of the Kingdom
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Adult
Status Alive
Eye Black
Hair Yellow
Drag-Rides Aži Dahāka
Affiliation The Four Great Nobles

Kruetzer House

Bergeijk Region

New Kingdom of Atismata

Light Novel Volume 2

 Barzeride Kreutzer (バルゼリッド・クロイツァー Baruzeriddo Kuroitsā), Also called: 王国の覇者 (Ōkoku no Hasha) - Title Holder of the Kingdom. A young man of the Duke House of the four Great Nobles User of the Divine Drag-Ride: <アジ・ダハーカ> - <Aži Dahāka> Divine Raiment: <千の魔術(アヴェスタ)> - <One Thousand Magic (Avesta)>.


Barzeride is tall young man with yellow hair and usually has a condescending smirk. He is of average height, about 5"6-5"9.


Barzeride Kreutzer is portrayed as an arrogant noble.




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