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Balzeride Kreutzer
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Rōmaji Baruzeriddo Kuroitsa
Alias Title Holder of the Kingdom (王国の覇者 Ougoku no Hasha)
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age N/A
Status Deceased
Eye Blonde
Hair Brown
Occupation Nobleman
Affiliation New Kingdom of Atismata (Former)

Balzeride Kreutzer (バルゼリッド・クロイツァー Baruzeriddo Kuroitsa) was one of the member of the renowned House Kreutzer of the Four Nobles of the New Kingdom. He is also Krulcifer's would be fiancee in his ploy in becoming New Kingdom's next king.


As a noble from one of the Four Great Noble, Balzeride is often seen wearing regal attire of red jacket. He has a shorter blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes.


As an ambitious aristocrat, Balzeride prided himself as one of New Kingdom's noble that will rule the New Kingdom. He also has seen to be slightly arrogant, as he had thought himself unbeatable comepared to Lux.




Techniques and PowerEdit

Blazeride's Drag-Ride has the ability to steal other Drag-Ride's abilties. In his battle with Lux, he stole both the abilities Wise Blood and Reload on Fire.

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