Airi Arcadia
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Japanese アイリ・アーカディア
Rōmaji Airi Ākadia
Personal Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Relatives Lux Acadia (older brother)
Eye Black
Hair Light Grey
Occupation Student

Airi Arcadia (アイリ・アーカディア Airi Ākadia) is Lux Arcadia's younger sister. She is also a survivalist of the old empire's Imperial Family, like Lux.


Airi has traits very similar to her brother. She has below-neck light grey hair and grey eyes, the same as her brother. She wears the Royal Officer Academy school uniform.

Personality Edit

She worries a lot about her brother.




  • The flute she uses seems to be stronger than the one used by Hayes, seen when she overwrites her commands in the anime.
  • She also seems to see Lux as more than just a brother. This could explain why she gets jealous of his harem.

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