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Why didn't Lux baptized himself earlier in his life?

I don't understand his reasoning in not being baptized because it is imperative that he does this to beat his Arch-rival.

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How do actually baptize in this series?

This term to baptize is infamous to the Freezing series but can other girls do the same thing as Rei Arcadia wants, and why does Rei Arcadia wants to do this with Lux.
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What benefits does Lux being baptized by Rei Arcadia entail?

I saw this listed under his trivia, and I want to know if this gives him any benefits at all.
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Can I know what is this based on
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Are they making a second season for this series?

I like the series overall and its characters and I don't mind the Harem setting at all thank goodness for the Harems they make life a living hell for the protagonist.
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