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Has any girl proposed to him other than Celis?

I know that there are other girls that are as worthy for Lux as Celis is.
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Is there a chance for Lux to become a Prince again?

I wonder I know that it really doesn't matter at this point but would Lux be allowed to have his full title and rank again.
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Was Lisesharte raped when she was branded with that seal?

I want to ask this because she seems to be greatly troubled by this event I just want to know if something did happen.
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Are they making a second season of this series or not?

I wanto to know because personally I think it is a good series so far I want to see how the story develops over time.
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Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut make an advertisement and website info to buy and help to contribute the company.

Why don't Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut make an advertisement at the start of episode of where you can buy dvd and novel to support. If not, not likely all of us will know where they can help to get another season of bahamut so at least in season 2 make an advertisement at season 2. PLS bahamut give us all the season 2 all of us want it so badly. Milliion are waiting for season 2
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